5 kinds of materials to draw a romantic TV wall to create a personalized living room

As one of the important decorations in the living room, the TV background wall is the most varied place. Not only can there be many changes in style and color, but also the choice of materials is very diverse. Different materials such as paint, wallpaper, tile, stone, and wood board will have different construction methods and precautions. The design of the TV background wall needs to be carefully determined according to the size of the room and the overall style.

1 paint

Can use diatom mud

For most families, using paint as a TV background wall is the most direct and simple choice. The consumer who has the idea will also draw a pattern with the overall style of the room on the wall painted with latex paint. If consumers have a certain amount of painting skills, they can paint themselves. If they don't have one, they can also find a wall painting company.

In addition, you can also choose diatom mud, the same as the interior wall latex paint, but the diatom mud hardness is relatively high, the outer layer does not need to be painted, it has its own color, can make more TV background wall. Diatom mud is not only environmentally friendly, but also purifies the living room air. In recent years, it has been increasingly used in interior wall decoration materials.

Price: hand-painted wall surface according to the content of the painting, the price varies; diatom mud wall surface 150 yuan -200 yuan / square meter.

2 decorative plates or decorations

Direct assembly

In recent years, there have been decorative panels that are directly used for the wall. Some families use decorative panels to decorate the walls behind the sofa. The use of decorative panels is the same as paintings. It may be some abstract geometric shapes, which may be engravings or ink paintings. It is just right in modern minimalist, new Chinese and other rooms depending on the style of painting.

The installation of the decorative board is convenient, and the decoration of the home is completed. When you want to decorate the wall separately, you can buy the decorative board with appropriate style and assemble it on site. You can also buy some small pieces of decorations, such as decorative plates, hanging pictures, etc., and the order and shape are also beautiful.

Price: Decorative panels are usually sold in pieces, ranging from tens of dollars to several hundred yuan depending on the price of the painted pattern.

Decoration Guide: Chen Meiling, the senior designer of Xifeng Nest of Beijing Branch, the second branch of the industry; Li Delin, the designer of the North Fourth Ring store

3 stone, ceramic tile

Thin or dry hanging

Tiles and stone are more realistic because of the texture. When made into a TV background wall, it will be more atmospheric and solemn. The use of some natural stone will also give the room a feeling of being close to nature.

It is best to use the thin sticking method on the wall of the tile. First, the leveling treatment of the base layer of the wall is carried out, and then the matching mortar with a certain amount of tile adhesive is applied to paste, thus reducing the possibility of the tile falling off.

For tiles or stone with a large area, because it is heavy, it needs to be dry hanging on the wall. The dry hanging method needs to make some hinged iron shelves on the wall with the keel, and then put some holes for the expansion bolts behind the marble and other stones, and hang them with the expansion bolts.

Because consumers are now more concerned about environmental protection, consumers will be concerned about the “氡” content when using stone. “氡” is a radioactive element that is continuously volatilized in the stone, so it is used less in interior decoration.

Price: The price of the wall on the tile is 300 yuan - 1000 yuan / square meter, and the stone is different because of the different prices of the material itself, the better marble reaches 1000 yuan - 2000 yuan / square meter.

4 wood

Prevent deformation

The wooden wall is mostly used in Chinese-style homes to make the style of the room more simple. The wooden wall can be used to fix the wooden lines to the wall, or the wooden floor can be used as a wall or a wooden veneer.

Wood materials need to be treated on the base of the wall, then keeled, fitted with brackets, and then nailed with wooden lines, wooden floors, or wooden veneers. Because wood products have water content problems, they will be affected by thermal expansion and contraction in the future. When purchasing, they should choose the treated plates as much as possible. During construction, they should also be protected from moisture and fire at the base layer and then nailed the keels.

Price: The price of pure solid wood background wall is more than 1000 yuan / square meter, and the veneer is more than 100 yuan / square meter.

5 wallpapers

Be sure to close

The relatively simple TV background wall has wallpaper or wall covering. The wallpaper is simple and beautiful, and the price is moderate. It is a TV background wall with high cost performance. Wallpaper manufacturers generally pack stickers, but to make a TV background wall, it is necessary to work on the details, such as the place where different wallpapers are handed over, the corners of the TV wall, the closing point, and so on.

It is recommended to make a wallpaper background wall to make the TV background wall separate, which will be more layered. The material of the edge can be metal, stone, wooden thick wallboard or wood line. After being trimmed, the corners are compacted, and there will be less uplifting in the future.

Price: The price difference between wallpapers is large, ranging from tens of yuan to thousands of yuan per square meter, and the price is moderate at around 200 yuan / square meter.

â–  Tips

Plan size in advance

The size of the TV background wall is determined by the size of the TV and the overall space. The TV is big, the background wall should be bigger; the TV is small, and the background wall should not be too large.

If the room is deeper than 5 meters, the background wall can be properly thickened to about 20 cm, and even the storage and storage functions can be increased. If the room is not big, the depth is about 3 meters, it is not recommended to be too thick. If the thickness of the TV is 5.5 cm, the thickness of the background wall should be controlled below 10 cm, otherwise the room will appear crowded.

Prepare before installation

There are many lines in the place where the TV is placed, including TV lines, electric and audio equipment lines and network cables. These lines should be arranged during the hydropower transformation. The wooden background wall needs to prepare the base, and the wallpaper can also be used to level the wall in advance, scrape the waterproof putty, and prepare for the paving.

Careful selection of hard materials

Metal, glass and other materials can also be used to make TV background walls. The metal wall is mainly used in some modern, post-modern style homes, which are more avant-garde, but also relatively blunt and less used.

Hard materials include stone, etc., the sound absorption effect is not ideal, if you do not particularly emphasize the visual effect, try to choose materials such as paint, wood, wallpaper, etc., so as not to affect the sound effect. Beijing News reporter Li Ling

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