Accelerate the development of characteristic industries to promote urban and rural development

On the morning of June 11, 2010, Dai Jianping, deputy secretary of the Pujiang County Committee, county magistrate, and Zhu Youming, deputy head of the county party committee, led the county government office, the reform and development bureau, the economic and trade bureau, the Finance and Taxation Bureau, the Land and Resources Bureau, the Construction Bureau and other units. I came to Zhongyu Township to inspect and guide the construction of the locksmithy park in the township. During the inspection, Dai Jianping pointed out that it is necessary to speed up the development of characteristic industries, promote the coordinated development of urban and rural areas, and make the mountain economy alive and let the people get rich.

Zhongyu Township is the second largest lock production and processing base in our county, and there are more than 300 lock-making enterprises in the township. In recent years, due to the constraints of land resources, there has been no major development. Especially since 2003, some local leading enterprises have moved to Tonglu Xinhe to seek greater development. This year, the township relied on the idle assets of the former Pujiang Cement Plant to effectively integrate land resources and decided to develop and construct a lock park. Through a period of efforts, the work of house demolition, waste slag transportation, land leveling and fences has been basically completed, and relevant policy treatment has been successfully completed.

Dai Jianping fully affirmed the work of the party committee government of Zhongyu Township to promote the construction of lock parks this year, and highly appraised the work spirit of the township cadres who dared to face the contradictions, dare to attack and break the difficulties, and persist in the work. He pointed out that in the "100-day attack" campaign, the Zhongyu Township Party Committee Government and all the cadres worked hard to solve the problem on the spot. Under the circumstances of many villages around the park and complicated historical issues, the policy was successfully completed. The work of house vaccination, movable property disposal and pipeline migration has fully demonstrated the pragmatic, conscientious and in-place work style of all cadres in Zhongyu Township.

Dai Jianping emphasized that it is necessary to seize the opportunity, consolidate the achievements, and accelerate the construction of the Zhongyu Lock Industrial Park. In the specific work, under the premise of insisting on open and fair land transfer, insisting on self-seeking fund balance and adhering to planning first, set up a special work team, scientifically formulate various work plans, speed up the relevant examination and approval procedures, and properly handle the surrounding relations of the park. Ensuring the completion of the annual work objectives, thus accelerating the pace of construction of the park and promoting the overall development of the economy. Relevant enterprise service departments should increase service efforts, take the initiative to rely on pre-services, and timely help solve various problems arising in the construction of lock parks, and play a role in setting up the service for the development of Zhongyu lock industry.

Accompanied by the main person in charge of the party committee of Zhongyu Township, Dai Jianping and his party also made a special trip to the lock park for on-site inspection. Relevant functional departments have made clear the relevant matters in the construction of the lock park around their respective responsibilities.

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