Air conditioning pump - mechanical core

The most important structure of the air-conditioning pump is the internal compressor structure. The swash plate of the high-silicon aluminum alloy is pressed into the main shaft and integrated into the front and rear cylinders of the aluminum alloy, and is supported by the needle bearing and the end bearing. The hemispherical glides ride on the swash plate, and the five pistons in the circumferential direction are evenly arranged in the cylinder at 72 degrees. On the end faces of the front and rear cylinders, a suction valve piece, a valve plate made of aluminum alloy material, and a stopper assembly composed of an exhaust valve piece are arranged, and an annular suction chamber is arranged on the front and rear aluminum alloy cylinder heads. And the exhaust chambers are respectively connected with the intake passage and the exhaust passage on the cylinder block, and the intake and exhaust ports are connected to the refrigeration system at the center of the front and rear cylinder blocks.

The air-conditioning pump seal and shaft seal device ensure the seal inside the compressor. The clutch is connected to the main shaft through the key. The coil and the pulley are mounted on the front cylinder head. The pulley is driven by the engine crankshaft pulley through the belt. When the compressor is connected, Due to the action of the coil, the pulley rotates the clutch together and rotates, thereby driving the spindle to rotate, and the swash plate is then oscillated on the swash plate to reciprocate the piston riding on the swash plate. The five pistons reciprocate and carry out intake and exhaust respectively at their two ends, thus becoming a two-way ten-cylinder compressor.

The compressor is an important component in the refrigeration system, which acts to compress and transport the refrigerant gas, that is, to generate refrigerant gas in the evaporator, and after being compressed, it is sent to the condenser for cooling. After the refrigerant gas enters the compressor from the air inlets on the front and rear cylinders, it enters the annular suction chamber on the front and rear cylinder heads respectively. Due to the movement of the piston, the suction valve piece is opened and sucked into the steam pump, and then through the exhaust valve piece. It is discharged into the annular exhaust chamber on the front and rear cylinder heads, and then discharged through the exhaust ports on the front and rear cylinders.

The lubrication of the moving parts of the compressor is carried out in two ways. One is that the refrigerant itself contains oil and is self-lubricating; the other is splash lubrication. In the Audi 100 refrigeration system, the total oil injection is 300ML, the compressor only accounts for 80ML, the oil filled in the compressor is stored in the pit provided in the lower part of the cylinder, and the other 220ML is added in the liquid separator. During the compression work, the frozen oil in the pit is splashed by the swash plate due to the swinging of the swash plate. In addition, due to the completely miscible nature of the refrigerant and oil, the refrigerant also carries a portion of the refrigerating oil to lubricate the moving parts in the compressor as it flows into the compressor.

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