Airbus partners with Rolls-Royce and Siemens to build electric aircraft

Electric vehicles and electric buses have made progress in innovation and public acceptance. They will become the means of transportation in the future. Currently, these modes of transport are being developed, tested and promoted globally. This shows that EVs are likely to become a common sight on the road, and companies and consumers will benefit from this.

One type of transportation that has not seen the same progress is the aircraft, although this does not mean that no project has focused on bringing the concept of electric aircraft into the air. The problem is that passengers cannot take electric planes as easily as they do in electric cars, at least not yet.

In October last year, Boeing acquired Aurora Flight Sciences, an electric aircraft company, demonstrating its commitment to electric mobility. Similarly, the startup company Zunum Aero has also received Boeing's support in the past. The company hopes to put the hybrid aircraft into operation by 2022.

Today, Airbus, Rolls-Royce and the German automation company Siemens have announced a joint project to carry out a project to convert aircraft into electricity-propulsion. The three companies named the project E-Fan X, replacing the gas turbine of the BAe 146 passenger aircraft with a 2 MW electric motor.

In a statement, Airbus Chief Technology Officer Paul Emanco explained that E-Fan X is actually the pinnacle of work done in previous electric aircraft projects. Elmanco said: "The E-Fan X is an important step for us to make electric flying a reality in the foreseeable future."

The three companies will each be responsible for different parts of the project. Airbus will oversee the overall integration of the aircraft, including the hybrid propulsion system and battery control architecture, and integration with the flight control system. Rolls-Royce will supply turboshaft engines, 2 MW generators and power electronics. Siemens will supply 2 megawatts of electric motors, power electronics control units, and power distribution systems.

Rolls-Royce Chief Technology Officer Paul Stein said: "E-Fan X allows us to use our extensive electrical expertise to completely change the field of flight and welcome the arrival of third-generation airlines. For us, this is An exciting time because this technological advance will lead Rolls-Royce to produce the world's most powerful flying generator."

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