Carbon graphite giant SGL started well in 2010

Recently, the world's leading manufacturer of carbon graphite materials and related products, SGL Group, announced that it had a good start in 2010, and its sales started well in 2010. Group sales increased by 3% year-on-year, exceeding 300 million Euros. Profits rose by 7%, profit before interest and taxes reached 25.8 million euros, and sales return reached 9%.
Serge Group CEO Robert Koehler said: "Considering that the first quarter is usually the weakest stage of the group's annual business, the first quarter's earnings report has made a good start for the group's long-term development in 2010. However, 2010 is still a transitional year. We expect the Group's overall sales to increase slightly, and the EBIT is basically the same as in 2009. As the world economy improves, it is expected that the Group's 2011 EBIT will be able to achieve two. The number of digits has increased."

Foot Valve by the valve body, valve cover, valve, seals and gaskets and other components, the valve flap valve has a single flap, double flap and flap and several other types. After the foot valve is connected to the pipeline, the liquid medium enters the valve body from the valve cover, and the pressure of the liquid acts on the valve flap so that the valve flap is opened to allow the medium to flow. When the pressure of the medium in the valve body changes or disappears, Turn off media backflow.

Material: Grey Iron

Size: 1-1/2" to 8"

Parts: Iron Body, Iron Seal, Iron Cover, Rubber Seal, Bolts

Connection: Threaded

Surface: Red Painting or as requirements

Application: Water Pipe System

Foot valves

Foot Valve

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