Ceramic bathroom purchase tips

The family bathroom usually consists of a toilet and a bathroom (most families are combined), and its composition can be roughly divided into three parts: sanitary ware area, bathing area and face-washing beauty area. There is a close connection between each region, and at the same time there is a functional difference.

Ceramic bathroom purchase

The preferred choice for taking the toilet is to determine the drainage method of the bathroom: whether it is the lower row or the rear row. If it is the lower row, you must measure the distance from the sewage outlet to the wall, and choose the size according to this size. Otherwise, the best toilet will not be used. Followed by drainage performance, the performance of the toilet is washed, water-saving, and quiet. Now people have misunderstandings about the "cleaning" two, thinking that the dirt can be discharged from the toilet. In fact, flushing has two meanings. One is to rush out of the toilet. The second is to rush out the sewage pipe, and both can be completely cleaned. Mute water saving is a hot trend, so these products are greatly favored by users. This type of toilet purchase should start mainly from the drainage method, pipe position, internal structure and the lack of toilet accessories. At present, the drainage method of the toilet is mainly siphoning and flushing. The siphon is to use the water level difference between the sewage pipe and the water seal to generate suction and sewage; the flushing is to use the impact of the water flow to achieve a sewage discharge. There are also contradictions here. The flushing type of water saving is superior to the siphon type, but the volume is large; the joint sitting mute effect is stronger than the split, and is used for a large amount. Finding the best combination of the two is the key to your choice.

At present, there are two kinds of basins on the market: basins and column basins. There is no difference in function between them, but there are differences in form. The basin is suitable for opening a large bathroom, which is very sturdy; the pedestal is suitable for a compact bathroom, which looks delicate and chic. The choice of bathtub is inclined to acrylic cylinders, because acrylic profiles are light in weight, low in thermal conductivity, easy to clean, good in feel, and more in line with human body design, but the price is higher than steel cylinders.

The glaze is not only the face of the sanitary ware but also the inner quality. The good glaze is smooth and uniform, the acid and alkali resistance is strong, the water absorption rate is low, the dirt is not hanged, and it is easy to clean. It is the "favorite" point of the housewife. It is the choice to rely on your skill and unique vision. The choice of sanitary ware style and color is based on personal preference. The white sanitary ware is clean and clear; the black and white bathroom looks youthful; the colorful bathroom highlights the personality and style. The simplicity, elegance, simplicity, and avant-garde style are the complete manifestation of the new concept of life. Life and personalization are no longer patents for living rooms and bedrooms.

The choice of hardware for sanitary ware is “heavy and light”. The good faucets are made of ceramic core valves, which are tightly integrated with the outer casing. They are durable and durable. The choice of these faucets can only be based on the feel of the hand. Be cautious to buy, remember to ask for a certificate of inspection and a warranty when you buy.

In general, to achieve the above points, the choice of bathroom ware is basically qualified, of course, the harmony of sanitary ware and brick and floor tiles can not be ignored, such a bathroom will make you comfortable.

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