Chongqing Machine Tool Group wins orders for Faster dry cutting machine tools

Recently, Chongqing Machine Tool Group and Shaanxi Farsett Group, the largest automobile transmission manufacturer in China, signed an order for 9 YS3126CNC6 high-speed dry-cut hobbing machines. This is the first batch of domestic dry-cut hobbing machines that are mass-produced in the mainstream of automobile gears, marking the machine tool. The Group has achieved significant results in its transformation and upgrading.

Since the financial crisis, the machine tool group has increased its independent innovation, accelerated the pace of transformation and upgrading, and aimed at the demand for large-scale machine tools in the domestic wind power, energy mines and shipbuilding industries, and the demand for dry-cut machine tools in the automotive industry. And the two major projects of high-speed dry-cutting machine tool industrialization. For large machine tools, YD31125CNC6, Y31320CNC6 and other machine tools with a diameter of 3200mm have been developed and YD31125CNC6 is sold in batches. For dry cutting machine tools, a new generation of dry cutting gear hobbing machines such as YE3120CNC7 and YS3126CNC6 have been developed. Among them, YE3120CNC7 participated in the China CNC Machine Tool Exhibition held in Nanjing not long ago, which caused a strong response in the industry. The YS3126CNC6 dry-cut hobbing machine won the bid for the Fastest project is a new product successfully developed by the Machine Tool Group. It can realize its leading technical strength and good brand effect in China.

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