Classification of different bathtub toilet maintenance cleaners

Tools: brush, sponge, neutral detergent

Key: the water stop rubber should also be cleaned.

The toilet can be cleaned with a brush or sponge sold on the market, with a mild detergent or cold water or warm water. Pay special attention to the edge of the water ring and the drain below the water seal when cleaning, because these two places are the most vulnerable to dirt in the toilet. When the toilet lid is dirty, wipe it with a cloth neutral detergent. Never use gasoline, loose perfume volatile liquid, acidic solvent or hot water to wipe the toilet lid. Another method is to replace the neutral detergent with vinegar, then wipe the water, so that it can be repeated several times.

For the water stop rubber of the toilet inlet valve, it is easy to age and fail in places where the water quality is not good, so it must be taken out and cleaned frequently.

Smart bathroom

Tools: special cleaning agent (non-corrosive), sponge (soft cloth is also available)

Key: electronic eyes should avoid washing with water

The "worth" of the smart bathroom is much higher than that of the ordinary bathroom. The maintenance method is naturally more elaborate, and the sloppy is not allowed.

Before using the cleaning agent, be sure to try it out before the product is noticed, and confirm that there is no bad damage before applying it to the whole product. Immediately after using the cleaner, wipe the surface clean and never leave the cleaner on the surface.

The cleaning of the electronic eye is preferably avoided by rinsing with water, and the unnecessary trouble such as the resulting wet circuit of the induction circuit board or short circuit of the circuit is prevented.

In the process of using the product, if it is still unable to be processed according to the instructions, you should contact the local agent or manufacturer for professional maintenance in time, and avoid accidental damage caused by self-assertion.


Tool: granular detergent

Key: Avoid using cleaners for tile or enamel surfaces and do not allow detergent to enter the circulation system.

Use a granular detergent that mixes with water to clean the jacuzzi and avoid using detergents for tile or enamel surfaces. Do not leave the container containing the liquid detergent on the surface of the bathtub for a long time. Do not use sprays or concentrates or other similar cleaning products. Also, do not allow nail polish, nail polish, dry liquid cleaner, acetone, paint remover or other solvents to come into contact with the acrylic surface. Corrosive cleaning agents can cause damage on acrylic surfaces. Care should be taken to thoroughly clean the acrylic surface after each use and do not allow detergent to enter the circulation system.

General trick

The cleaning of the bathroom should first be ventilated. When using the bathroom, turn on the ventilation fan. When not using the bathroom, open the door of the bathroom. After bathing, the ventilation fan and the bathroom door should be opened at the same time to remove the water vapor more quickly. The bathroom that is often not ventilated will cause the water to condense, the wall to be damp, moldy, and the faucet to produce black spots. This is a very lazy way, everyone still try to follow these links!

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