Create the principle of good luck home sofa placement

When we moved the favorite sofa home, how to put it on the sofa designer told everyone that the sofa is placed in a university, in the residential feng shui, the sofa placed a very important position. The number, shape, material, color and shape of the sofa are also very particular, and are closely related to family fortune and career fortune. Therefore, the placement of the sofa should follow the following principles:

1. The sofa must be placed in the house of the Kyrgyzstan: the sofa is a family's daily sitting place, which can be said to be the focus of the family. If it is placed in Geely, then a young and old can be contaminated by this position. Ankang. However, if the mistake is in the wrong position, then a young and old will suffer and the family will be restless.

2, there should be a back behind the sofa: the so-called relying, that is, relying on the mountain, refers to the solid wall behind the sofa is reliable, no worries, so that it meets the feng shui way. The chair in the court in the former direction uses natural marble as the back, and the pattern on it is better to have a mountain view. This is the reason.

If the back of the sofa is a window, a door and a passageway, and there is no solid wall, then it is equal to the fact that there is no backing, empty, and it is a bureau of dispersal. If there is no reliable wall behind the sofa, a more effective workaround can be placed on the back of the sofa with a low cabinet or screen. This can be called “artificial backing” and it will also serve as a remedy.

3, the sofa must avoid the beam top: the bed has a beam top, the victim is only one or two people sleeping in the bed, but if there is a beam on the sofa, the impact is a family size, the impact is very large, it must be avoided. If you really can't avoid it, you can put two pots of bamboo on the coffee table on both sides of the sofa, and continue to grow up and step by step to lift the bamboo to bear the beam top.

4, the sofa should not be hedged with the door: If the sofa is in line with the gate, the wind water is called "hedging", the disadvantages are quite large, it will lead to the loss of family, the wealth of the four sides. In this case, it is best to remove the sofa to avoid colliding with the gate. If there is nowhere to move, then it is necessary to place a screen between the two, so that the air flowing into the house from the gate Will not go straight to the sofa, the family will not be dispersed and can be gathered together, but also keep the money out.

5, the decoration of the sofa should not be straight: the important position of the sofa in the living room, like the main port of the country, must be able to get water as much as possible before it can flourish. The excellent port must have an extended bend on both sides. It is shaped like the U-letter of the English alphabet. The bent position is like a two-armed guard, and the central depression is the suffocation of the Feng Shui. Qi, in order to achieve Ding Cai two prosperous.

If the sofa can't be supported by the environment due to the environment, then you can retreat to the next place, set up another sofa at the water level, and make the "Shimonoseki Sand" to welcome the water coming in from the gate to form a water gathering. Also in line with the feng shui way. The doors of some houses are lined with the doors of the balcony. In addition to setting the entrance, it is even more necessary to place the "down sand" in the water to welcome the incoming water, so that the water flowing in from the gate is not leaked.

6, the top of the sofa should not have direct light: sometimes the range of light in the sofa is weak, many people will install lighting on the top of the sofa, such as the ceiling light hidden in the ceiling or the spotlights exposed, etc., because it is too close to the sofa, It often forms a direct shot from the top of the head. This is contrary to the feng shui method and should be avoided as much as possible. And from the environmental design, the top of the sofa has direct light, which often makes the mood nervous, dizzy, and restless. If the light is redirected towards the wall, it can be slightly relieved.

7, the back of the sofa should not have a mirror back: Some people in order to make the living room look more transparent and spacious, they will hang the mirror on the wall. In fact, in Feng Shui, because the mirror has a reflection effect, it cannot be arbitrarily hanged. Left and right sofa reminder: There should be no big mirror behind the sofa. People sit on the sofa. Other people can clearly see the back of the seater from the mirror. That is not good, which will lead to loss of soul and restlessness.  


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