Fault analysis of vibrating plate

Failure Analysis of Dongguan Vibration Disk Failure Analysis I. Possible Causes of Vibration Disk Not Working
1, the power supply voltage is insufficient
2. The connection between the vibrating plate and the controller is broken.
3, the controller fuse is blown
4, the coil is blown
5, the gap between the coil and the skeleton is too small or too large
6, there are parts stuck between the coil and the skeleton
7. The vibrating plate is against the hard object, and the top plate or chassis touches other devices [2]
Second, the vibration plate vibration is weak or too slow, sporadically or irregularly feeding, possible reasons:
1, spring break
2, the bottom plate is too thin
3. The mounting table is defective and lacks hardness. If suspended from the surface of the equipment, the vibration will be too weak, the thickness of the table should be at least 1-1/2", so that it will not absorb vibration, the cylindrical legs must be equipped with triangular support.
4, the countertop is not level
5, there are debris in the disk
6, the coil air gap should be as small as possible
7. The machine is too fast to cause the parts to slip off the vibrating plate.
8, grid fluctuations
9. The controller needs to be re-adjusted to accommodate grid fluctuations.
10, parts problems: excessive, curved, oily, etc.
11. The fixing screw of the disc and the base is not tight or the position is incorrect.
12, too many parts
13, the chassis is not properly adjusted
14. Material changes, the disk surface should be re-trimmed and the chassis should be re-adjusted.

15. There may be some problems in the use of air blowing. There may be: unstable air pressure, gas source pollution, water or oil. These pollutants will stay on the surface of the vibrating plate, causing the feeding speed to slow down or even not go. The air supply must be clean and dry with separate regulators and filters. Do not use rigid tubes to reduce feed performance. A flexible hose should be used.

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