Hall decoration effect diagram attention hall decoration materials

When we were decorating our home. The choice of materials is of course to buy the best, so as to ensure our safety. Also avoid secondary replacement. As an important link between the living room and the exit, the entrance is not sloppy. From the perspective of feng shui, the foyer is a function that can regulate indoor and outdoor airflow. Secondly, it looks good and looks good for us to purchase decoration. That'll tell you about today small hall renovation renderings precautions, hall decoration materials.


First, the hall decoration materials

1, plywood porch: If you want to reflect the owner's unique taste, then you can consider the use of splint as a porch material, splint material has always been popular with people. Because such materials are plastically strong, and can be processed into various patterns according to actual conditions, some of the more abstract hollowed-out plywood porch has become more advanced in the design trend.

2, wallpaper porch: If the wall of the home is flat enough, then you can choose wallpaper decoration, because it can use the frame crossbar and the wall, increase the viewing of the entrance, while affecting our line of sight; if it is a large and monotonous wall, you can Use the wooden wall rail to make a partition. You can use a more tough or embossed wallpaper under the guard rail. This kind of wallpaper is more resistant to wear and tear, and its cost is also comparable.

3, wooden porch: wooden porch has been favored by many decoration owners, there is no stone wall for the porch position of the home but want to create a porch, and the area of ​​the home is also very wide, then you can consider making a Bogu to the top of the ceiling Shelf, put some decorations on it, can not only block the sight of people, but also play a decorative role.


Second, the hall decoration effect diagram notes

1. The door is facing the aisle badly: How to match the hallway aisle decoration and Feng Shui? We finished the door and talked about the aisle again. The door is facing the corridor or passage, and its shape is like a sword wearing a house. This kind of pattern is called "wearing a sword" in the wind and water. It is very harmful to the family's fortune, and it is easy to cause red injury and punishment.

2. The corridor is too long to be safe: the length of the corridor aisle in the feng shui is very important. If the corridor is long, it must be Anmeng. Otherwise, the gas will enter the house and there will be no manoeuvre. It is easy for people to keep it, but it should be noted that if the corridor is too short, it is not suitable for the door, otherwise it will easily make people feel oppressed, and There are too many doors in a short distance, which makes it easier for family members to have more disputes. Therefore, we should set the number of doors in the height and length of the corridor corridor during the renovation.

3, open the door to see the window set screen: the entrance door and the window are facing right, the air flow does not swing in the room, directly out of the hall, this layout, the aisle corridor is not blocked, called "through the hall" in the wind. The main wealth comes to the rich, not to gather wealth, easy to break the money and so on. In this case, screens are set up in the aisles to play a role in slowing down the gas field. If we want to build a good feng shui, we must pay attention to the details. The hallway aisle decoration and feng shui can be combined to build a house.

4, the aisle needs attention to the light: the hallway aisle to decorate the feng shui also pay attention to the light, especially in the case of few natural light sources, many of the shortcomings in the area of ​​the home are lack of care, if you join the household If the aisle is bad, then you must make artificial light.

The above article is a small series for everyone to introduce the hallway decoration renderings notes, hall decoration materials. Of course. There are also a lot of good decoration designs, so when designing the decoration, be sure to buy your favorite design. I believe that a simple and clear and powerful hall will definitely add a lot to your home. The small series here are not listed one by one. Your reading is the motivation of Xiaobian. Thank you for reading. I am here today. If there are other needs, please pay attention to the decoration home network.

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