How to disassemble the bearing on the withdrawal sleeve

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How to disassemble the bearing on the withdrawal sleeve

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When disassembling the bearing on the withdrawal sleeve; it is necessary to determine the axial direction of the device: Determine the nut, end cap, etc.
When disassembling small and medium-sized bearings; use a certain nut and a hook wrench or an impact wrench to loosen the bearing.
The best way to disassemble a large bearing is to use a hydraulic nut. If the thread of the bushing protrudes somewhat from the shaft end or the shoulder; then the support ring should be pierced in the sleeve hole; the support ring wall should be as thick as possible; When the nut is tightened, the thread deformation is damaged. It is recommended to add a resisting material to the end of the hydraulic nut; for example, through the shaft end. If the unloading sleeve is away from its shaft seat; the obstruction can be used to prevent the withdrawal sleeve and the hydraulic nut from the shaft. Thoroughly retreat.
The withdrawal sleeves for large bearings are usually equipped with oil distribution grooves; in order to use the oil filling method; the time required for the device and the dismantling of large bearings is greatly shortened.

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