How to prevent employee safety consciousness fatigue

Safety awareness "fatigue" has four manifestations:

Suppression: Refers to stagnation, blankness, or even rejection or resistance to safety learning, safety education, etc. It is not interested in activities, can't hear, can't remember, and safety learning is just the subjective desire to avoid and flee. This is evident in young workers, who can be found by checking the signature records of safety education. After finishing the safety education class, they asked young people to ask questions, basically “asking one after another”. Some managers focus on economic interests, neglect safety education and training, and psychologically resist safety education.

Relaxation: Refers to the implementation of procedures and discipline, etc., slack, fatigue, not serious. The basic characteristics are frequent violations of discipline and discipline, work recklessly and self-righteous. This is also mainly for young people. When inspecting oil depots, gas stations, liquefied gas stations, oil immersed oil plants, and other Class A fire and explosion prevention units, it is always possible to find out that several young people are stealing cigarettes and their minds tend to be paralyzed.

Tension: It means that in safety production, especially when a longer security record is maintained, employees will feel a sense of unfamiliar pressure. The performance characteristics are: As the seasons change, equipment abnormalities, accidents or special circumstances arise, feel panicked, worried, they do not believe themselves, the result is more afraid of more accidents. This is particularly prominent among senior employees and grass-roots leaders in production and safety. This state and the parties have not treated safe production with a healthy psychological state and a scientific attitude, and have been closely related to passive nervous nervousness.

Ambiguity: It refers to unclear thoughts, often unresponsiveness, attention shifting, wrong thinking and determination, and speculation about speculative reasoning. In the work, it appears to be sloppy, indifferent, paralyzed, flirtatious, and easy to handle, as well as illegal, disciplinary, and accident.

Why there is a sense of security "fatigue"

There are four factors that contribute to safety awareness "fatigue":

Physiological factors: The human brain can only be used lastingly and efficiently if it is used in a healthy and reasonable manner. On the contrary, for a long time engaged in monotonous, boring, stressful, highly focused work, the brain may respond to "fatigue" such as inhibition, rejection, and paralysis of safe learning and education. From the physiological point of view, this is a normal brain. Protective reaction. However, from the point of view of safe production, if people are not good at making scientific adjustments according to the circumstances, various hidden dangers will arise.

Psychological factors: Unhealthy mentality can easily lead to "fatigue" in safety awareness. There are three main types of psychological factors:

1 nervous, fear. This kind of psychology often makes employees' ideological consciousness highly concentrated and tense. They are disturbed all day long. They are always afraid that one day they will have an accident. As time goes by, they evolve into a serious sense of safety “fatigue”.

2 boring and depressed. This kind of mentality makes it impossible to raise the spirit of work, and it is not focused. It often deals with the job with low standards. In the long run, the psychological burden continues to increase and it also causes "fatigue."

3 Bored and repelled. The majority of such psychological young people is also called rebellious psychology. It reflects that young workers lack profound understanding of the lessons of blood accidents and are easily into a state of blind complacency.

Environmental factors: Bad environment will have a negative impact on safety awareness. Such as the social phenomenon of corrosion and impact on the workforce. Some employees are envious of bad phenomena, from contempt to pursuit, resulting in not love of their jobs, resulting in weak security awareness.

Leading factor: If the leadership is not from a theoretical height, consciously and scientifically approached, and focuses on safety awareness education, but * formalism is empty talk, hard indoctrination, safety education is bound to go through the court, employees' safety awareness will inevitably weaken and even " fatigue".

How to prevent employee safety awareness "fatigue"

Summarize the laws and persist in targeting.

Focusing on three factors, we should focus on solving the problem of "two kinds of people."

The three factors are bad physical, psychological and environmental factors. Ask medical staff to explain the brain's physiological and health knowledge to employees, teach prevention and overcoming the "fatigue" state of restraint, repulsion, and numbness, and urge employees to consciously use and use the brain; psychological factors should guide employees to understand unhealthy mental Harm, find out the psychological incentives such as fear, repression, and rejection, inspire them to consciously resolve and eliminate such factors; in terms of environmental factors, it is necessary to fundamentally improve the awareness of employees on safe work, but also to care about employees’ lives. From emotional changes, anomalies in words and actions capture their "heart disease", eliminate their worries and improve their insecure environment.

"Two people" are young workers and special people. For the young workers should distinguish between the situation, the implementation of stage education, key care, special management. Special characters mainly refer to individual private business owners who do business in the amateurs, families that do not, families with many problems, simple minds, paralyzed minds, and so on. For such people, they should constantly study and observe their movements, implement separation of forces, and monitor them closely. Before class, look at faces, observe emotions, talk about words and deeds, judge abnormalities, smell smells, check drinking, and prevent such people and events from being potential threats to safe production.

Various forms, pay attention to actual results.

To prevent the “fatigue” of safety awareness, we must rely on regular education, but also adopt some new methods that are vivid and vivid. If any unit brings in the past disabled employees to the stage, they present their views to the incumbent employees; each time an accident or violation is conducted on the spot, an intuitive training will be held to address the psychological characteristics of the employees who are willing to perform their work. , Strengthen employees' safety awareness from the front and so on. At the same time, we often conduct e-safety education and organize safety knowledge competitions. These forms and methods have the features of imperceptible, silent, vivid and lively.

Strong sense of rhythm, strong stimulation.

The so-called sense of rhythm means that we can properly control the allocation of time, the choice of interval, the degree of tightness, and focus on safety education.

The so-called strong stimulus is to deal with people or things that have a deeper degree of fatigue and are harder to return to. They are not soft-hearted and perform heavy stimulation to make the relevant employees subject to shock and the parties will never forget.

Give full play to the role of leaders at all levels.

As a company, it is necessary to strengthen safety awareness and overcome "fatigue." It must be comprehensive and multi-level, and the entire group must act together. Leaders at all levels of the enterprise are key figures in this group. What is their own security awareness? Grasping or not grasping security awareness; whether it is real grasping or superficial grasping; whether * scientific methods, effective measures to arrest, which directly involve the strengthening and weakening of employees' safety awareness. To overcome "fatigue" and strengthen safety awareness is an intangible, spiritual, and rational color work that requires long-term and endurance to cultivate, advance, and accomplish. This requires the party and government work group, all levels of organizations and all staff to work together and work together. Leaders at all levels should have a sense of advancement, make good use of their own power and wisdom, and use exemplary functions to promote the continuous deepening of the sense of safety. The advancement of the leader’s safety consciousness and consciousness are very important for deepening the safety awareness of the entire staff. It is also a high level test for the leaders at all levels, especially the leaders who focus on safety production.

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