How Traditional Hardware Breaks Development Bottleneck

How Traditional Hardware Breaks Development Bottleneck China’s reform and opening up has brought about rapid growth and rapid growth of the domestic economy. Under this wave of economic development, the hardware industry has also begun a long way to development. According to data analysis, the scale of China's hardware import and export has reached an unprecedented peak in 2010. Under the drive of this interest, hardware vendors are marching in the market like mushrooms. However, in any area, survival rules for the survival of the fittest will remain unchanged. The emergence of many new companies in the industry undoubtedly brings brutal and fierce competition. As the traditional hardware industry has only a single competitive model, it is now at the bottleneck of development. How to realize the transition from traditional hardware to new hardware industry, thus breaking through this The bottleneck of development under a single model is the most important issue that needs to be solved in the hardware industry.

An effective way to break through the bottleneck One, with independent research and development capabilities At present, many businesses in the hardware industry use an intermediary business model, positioning themselves at a transfer station, lower prices from the manufacturer to purchase hardware products, and sell it to sellers. Customers, this appears to be less risky on the surface, but according to hardware industry experts: businesses that do not have R&D and production technologies and rely on low-cost purchases to sell products are rootless weeds in the hardware industry and are easily engulfed and eliminated by the market. . Therefore, one of the effective ways to gain a competitive advantage is to have the ability to independently develop and produce. From the perspective of long-term development, independent research and development and production can effectively control costs, and secondly, they can respond to market trends in a timely manner to make adjustments and seize opportunities. At the same time, they can also rely on the abundance of intermediary businesses to rely heavily on supply.

Second, a variety of sales channels at the same time, of course, the hardware industry as a profitable industry, orders control the survival and development of the company's vital lifeline, hardware companies wait for orders or take the initiative to attack it? In order to get rid of the traditional sales model, combined with the current characteristics of the times, make full use of existing resources, open up and implement a variety of sales channels is the most favorable way to fight for orders.

Third, leveraging the Internet: Break through the bottleneck of sales If the use of computer networks for shopping was mentioned 15 years ago, it would surely be considered a madman because the two were clearly incontrovertible at the time, which is tantamount to buying a comb from a monk. Ridiculously absurd. However, with the development and birth of Alibaba's e-commerce platform, everything began to change radically. Things that once were considered absolutely impossible were slowly being accepted by countless people and then relied upon.

The common online shopping is nothing more than the purchase of clothes, snacks, appliances, and other daily necessities. It is incredible that the hardware industry has also begun to enter the network sales platform, and unexpectedly opened up a new channel of good sales response. In this way, the company's products are no longer limited to the current fixed-market customers. Our PC PC platforms, mobile phones, tablet and other mobile terminals can share the latest resources of these products anytime, anywhere, and the company boldly tries to innovate in sales channels. , stand out in many traditional hardware companies, the current results are quite good. Experts predict that for a long time in the future, it must be dominated by the network. The combination of traditional industries and information technology is the most forward-looking choice.

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