Kitchen decoration how to reasonable kitchen decoration notes

The kitchen is usually the main space for house decoration. The kitchen is an important place. We need to cook a variety of food here every day, so it will produce a lot of smoke and noise, so we need special attention in the decoration design, then the kitchen How can decoration be reasonable? What should we pay attention to in the kitchen decoration? Below, this article will introduce you to it.

How to be a reasonable kitchen decoration : color material with beautiful

For those who often come and go in the kitchen, a beautiful and clean kitchen can make their own mood more pleasant, so how can we make the kitchen more beautiful? We can use marble, granite, decoration, and on the plate Concrete can be used for fastening, ceilings can also be used in exquisite styles, and integrated modern kitchen stoves can be purchased, which will make the kitchen more beautiful.

How can the kitchen decoration be reasonable 2: Design is easy to use

In the design of the kitchen, attention to details will make people feel more humane, but also make you more comfortable when cooking in the kitchen, than the kitchen around the tiles can use light-colored tiles, so bright and clean, the floor of the tiles Anti-slip can be used. Dishwasher should be in the pan plate. The height of the bottom of the cabinet should be higher than the floor 50mm, to avoid water, the cabinet is best divided into two layers, to facilitate the placement of stove.

How can the kitchen decoration be reasonable three: reasonable line of cooking is not tired

In the kitchen renovation, we should work out a reasonable route to allow us to move around more easily when cooking. If the space in the kitchen is relatively large, the three things like the refrigerator, vegetable sink, and stove are too far apart. The meal will be very tired, so you need to set a reasonable route.

Kitchen decoration notice

1, the kitchen decoration materials should be based on water resistance

The kitchen is a place that is relatively humid and watery, so it is on the ground. The material of the stove should be selected from those that do not leak water and water, and the walls and ceiling should be made of materials that are excellent in water resistance and can be scrubbed with water.

2, add a semi-open movable partition to prevent smoke invasion

Nowadays, open kitchens are very popular. Although every household has a hood, but in the case of relatively large air flow, restaurants and living rooms closer to the kitchen will still be affected, so many kitchens are The decoration design will be accompanied by an open movable partition, which will not only make the restaurant and the living room unaffected, but also protect the furniture from smoke.

Article summary: The above is about kitchen decoration how reasonable and kitchen decoration notes related to the introduction, hoping to give everyone a hint of help in the kitchen renovation, kitchen decoration also need careful consideration before they can make their own kitchen more beautiful and reasonable.

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