National Grid Quality Inspection Center Improves Wind Power High-strength Fastener Testing Capability

In order to further serve the development of the wind power bolt industry, in recent years, the National Grid Quality Inspection Center has continuously improved the testing and research capabilities of wind power bolt products. The center has 600 tons of microcomputer-controlled electro-hydraulic servo horizontal tensile testing machine and other advanced testing equipments. It has world-class technical advantages such as large measuring range and high precision. It can inspect wind power bolts up to 7 meters in length, and its testing capability ranks first in China. On the basis of doing daily inspections, the center continues to increase scientific and technological research and development efforts. Among them, the "Research on the core technology of high-strength bolts for wind power" project passed the appraisal of the results of the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine in December 2011. The main scientific research results include the selection of 42CrMoA materials according to the performance requirements of wind turbine towers for bolts. Through performance test research and comparative analysis, the high-strength bolt heat treatment process for wind power of 10.9 grade and the high-strength bolt connection for wind power are studied. The tensile strength reaches 1060MPa, the elongation reaches 17%, and the performance is higher than Current national standards. On this basis, the National Grid Quality Inspection Center vigorously promotes the application of scientific research results, improves the conversion rate of scientific research results, and guides the Xuzhou Ruida Bolt Fastener Factory to develop new finished products - high plastic high strength bolts, whose material elongation is higher than 7% of the national minimum standards can meet the mechanical performance requirements of high-strength bolts for wind power, and are widely used in the production and production of high-end structures such as gas carriers, effectively improving the market competitiveness of enterprises.

Recently, Beijing Jingcheng New Energy Co., Ltd., Hunan Yinzhou Xiangshui Tiantangshan Wind Power Co., Ltd., Huaneng Zhongdian Changdao Wind Power Co., Ltd., Guodian United Power Technology Co., Ltd., Shandong Gaoqiang Fastener Co., Ltd., Jiangsu Zhongcheng Tight Entrusted by companies such as Solid Technology Development Co., Ltd., the National Grid Quality Inspection Center conducts in-depth testing of wind power high-strength bolts, large hex nuts, gaskets, etc. The main inspection items include strength, hardness, shaping, torque coefficient and surface decarburization layer. In addition, the main test bolt bearing capacity, toughness, heat treatment quality and other technical indicators, for enterprises to solve large-scale (≥ M39), high-strength (≥10.9) wind power high-strength bolt inspection and testing problems, to ensure the mechanical properties of the bolt And performance indicators such as fatigue limit can meet the engineering quality needs.

It is reported that wind power generation is widely used as a clean energy source as China adjusts its energy structure and accelerates the implementation of energy development strategies for renewable energy development and environmental improvement. There are about 70 large wind turbine manufacturing enterprises in China, and a number of leading enterprises capable of mass producing 1.5mw class wind turbines with a single unit capacity have been formed. Wind power bolts have a series of characteristics such as high strength, high precision and high grade. With the expansion of wind power installed capacity, the requirements for bolt strength performance indicators are higher. Wind turbines have harsh service conditions, and they are subjected to severe cold and extreme temperature differences throughout the year. They are exposed to high temperature and low temperature and have high power. Due to the poor natural conditions of installation and inconvenient transportation, the wind area is generally difficult to install and maintain in mountains, river valleys and beaches. Therefore, the service life of fasteners such as wind bolts is required to be at least 10 years, and the general mechanical basic parts need to have a normal state. In addition to the mechanical properties, it should also have the characteristics of cold and brittle resistance at low temperatures. (Liu Min)

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