Safety shoes are selected

First, consumers should choose to protect the type of toe safety shoes according to different workplaces. Among the five protective performance levels for protecting toe safety footwear products, the high-grade protective toe safety footwear products have high front pressure resistance and impact resistance specifications, and the protection of the toes is better, so the more the toes are The higher the level of protection for toe safety shoes is, the more likely the job is to be injured or bruised, and the more serious the injury is, and the operation may be less likely to be severe for some toes that may be injured or bruised. In addition, low-grade protective toe safety shoes can be used, because high-grade shoes are generally high in price, wear heavy and uncomfortable. Therefore, the protection of toe safety shoes should be appropriately selected according to the characteristics of the operation. In general, An1 is suitable for wearing in workplaces such as metallurgy, mining, forestry, ports, loading and unloading, and quarrying; An2 is suitable for wearing in machinery, construction, petrochemical and other workplaces; An3 is suitable for use in electronics, food, medicine, etc. Industry wear; in the textile industry and other workplaces can choose to use An4 ~ An5 products.
Second, consumers can use different prices, styles, and materials to protect their toe safety shoes according to their needs. In general, leather shoes are new, lightweight, and the outer sole is made of polyurethane material, which is wear-resistant and expensive. The adhesive shoe is a traditional process with a long production history. The price varies according to the style, material, etc.; The price of the end of the car's end shoes is relatively low, not the price of the end of the car's end, depending on the style, material, etc., but the permeability of the injected shoes and adhesive shoes is poor, and the breathability of the sewn shoes is better, and the wear is more comfortable.
Third, when purchasing, consumers should first confirm whether the manufacturer of the product has a national industrial product production permit (imported goods do not need) and safety mark certification. On this basis, check whether the product has the manufacturer's name and address, production license number, safety mark certification number, production date, product standard number, whether the product certificate and instruction manual are attached, and pay special attention to whether the shoe is There is a product name (or "protected toe" lettering), shoe size and protective performance level. In addition, the distribution company should be required to present the inspection report of the batch of products and check the validity period.
Fourth, consumers should look at the appearance of the quality of the purchase. You can check whether the helper has any disability, color difference, needle reversal, needle skipping, broken thread, and uneven stitching; whether the bottom is open or off; whether there is oversulfur, undersulfur, sulfur spray on the sole. Whether the header is skewed or not.

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