The price of oil in the three places has fallen by 4%. The price of refined oil products has dropped the fastest this week.

The New Express News recently stabilized the international oil price after six consecutive days of decline, but the decline in the day has caused the domestic refined oil market to meet the price adjustment requirements. According to Xiwang Energy Data, the average price change rate of refined oil in the three places on July 7 was -4.08%, which has fallen below the 4% floating standard. Some analysts believe that the price adjustment has been reached, the National Development and Reform Commission or the fastest to introduce a price adjustment policy this weekend, the price adjustment range is about 200 yuan / ton. In the recent Guangzhou refined oil market, the awareness of sales of refined oil products in the wholesale and retail stations of the main institutions has also increased.

Adjustable oil price controllable inflation
Previously, the August contract of the New York Mercantile Exchange crude oil futures fell from June 28 to July 5 for six consecutive trading days, with a cumulative decline of more than 10%, almost equal to the $70/barrel mark. However, before the US$70/barrel mark was supported, the international oil price rebounded in the past two trading days. As of press time yesterday, the electronic disk of the contract has returned to a consolidation above US$74/barrel.

Similar to the international oil price decline, the domestic product oil reference standard - Brent / Dubai / Xinta crude oil 22 working days moving average price change rate also increased for five consecutive trading days, and reached the price adjustment standard.

On July 1, on the day when the domestic refined oil price adjustment window was opened, the oil prices of the three places did not reach the 4% reduction target, and the price adjustment was stranded. In the current non-price adjustment window, will domestic refined oil prices be lowered again due to the 4% increase?

Yao Daming, Minister of Oil Products of Guangdong Oil and Gas Chamber of Commerce also believes that the price adjustment window has passed in July, and the next price adjustment window is on August 2. The recent trend of international oil prices is downward. At the time of the next price adjustment window, international oil prices fall below 4% and are therefore more likely to be lowered. Yao Daming also said that if the international oil price plunged in the short term and fell below the support of 70 US dollars per barrel, it is also possible to make a small emergency adjustment in early July.

Xiaowang, an analyst at Xiangwang Energy, believes that there may be a downward adjustment of refined oil this week or next week.

At present, the National Development and Reform Commission is striving to stabilize prices. Yan Xiaofeng, an analyst at China Merchants Securities Petrochemical Industry, believes that when the price of refined oil can be lowered, the National Development and Reform Commission will move quickly and in a timely manner, because the downward adjustment of refined oil prices is consistent with the goal of curbing inflation.

Gas station price cut first
The price adjustment has not yet been finalized, but the reporter found that the gas station in the Guangzhou market has already lowered the price first. The highest price reduction for gasoline at the gas station in Guangzhou suburbs reached 0.5 yuan. The gas station of Hangkou Joint Venture Station in Fangcun District sold for 6.51 yuan/liter of gasoline on the 93rd yesterday, which is 0.1 yuan/liter higher than the maximum price limit.
In the wholesale market of refined oil products in Guangzhou, the crude oil price oscillated at a low level, and the industry waited and watched the mentality. The market buying and selling atmosphere was light and unchanged. And the actual transaction price is slightly lower than the listing price. Yesterday, Sinopec National No. III93 gasoline listing price of 7,500 yuan / ton, the transaction price of 7450 yuan - 7480 yuan / ton; No. 0 diesel listing price of 6,700 yuan / ton, the transaction price of 6,650 yuan - 6670 yuan / ton.

The industry believes that the current price cuts for domestic refined oil products are gradually increasing. This summer, China's gasoline production is relatively surplus. All companies have certain sales pressure, so they are willing to promote shipments.

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