The reason for shovel wall skin, the precautions for shovel wall skin

When the new house arrives, the decoration wall is, the decoration staff will first shovel the wall of our wall . Many people don't understand that the new house I just bought has already been painted on the wall. Why do you have to shovel the wall again to brush the wall? Isn't that both time-consuming, time-consuming, and wasted money? Next, follow the decoration of the home network Xiaobian to understand the reasons for shovel wall skin, the relevant content of the shovel wall skin!


Reasons for shoveling the wall:

In the process of decoration, the shovel wall is not indispensable, but when the wall surface is scraped with porcelain, the substrate is loose, there is a hollow drum phenomenon, and the latex paint wall and the wall are not firmly combined, it is necessary to shovel the wall. The skin is gone. So how do you judge these problems? The specific method is as follows:

1. Loose substrate: Putty is an important substrate for wall decoration. If the putty on the wall is a poor quality putty that is not sticky or water resistant, the surface paint film will peel off and peel off when the residence time is long. In addition, if the putty does not dry the latex paint, the wall paint will also foam. If the putty is already dry, spray some water on it, and observe whether the putty will soften or smash. If it means that the quality of the putty is not enough.

2, latex paint wall surface does not fit: test the latex paint and the wall surface is a simple way to fit, cross a scratch on the wall, then put the tape on the scratched part, then fast and fierce If you peel off the tape, if the wall is stuck, it means that the adhesion of the latex paint is not good, you need to shovel the wall.

3, wall scraping: scraping is actually a paint coated with melamine and formaldehyde on the wall after scraping the putty. The surface of the porcelain wall is very flat, and the appearance is smooth, but the surface of the porcelain is smooth, but a small crack will appear in a short period of time.

4, to determine whether it is necessary to shovel the wall skin and a very simple and rude method is to scrape a 10cm × 10cm wall skin on the wall, try to check the original plaster leveling layer will not fall off like sand. If the plaster has been differentiated, it needs

How to shovel the wall:

1. First wet the wall and then shovel the wall with a shovel. The newly purchased roller is covered with water, preferably all immersed in water.

2. Place the roller on the place where you want to shovel and roll continuously. It is said that it needs to be rolled twice to make the wall completely wet.

3. Use a shovel to shovel the area that has just been wet. However, if you encounter a waterproof putty on the wall, you may need to use a sander to grind slowly.


Precautions when shoveling the wall:

1, sprinkle water and wet the wall should not be too much, otherwise, it is easy to cause the area of ​​water.

2. After moisturizing the wall surface, wait for the putty layer to run through and then shovel for about 10 minutes, so as to avoid the shovel down the putty is too wet, not easy to clean.

3, do not use too much force when shovel, you must use smart, so as not to damage the tool when it hits the uneven.

4. When you shovel the balcony and encounter a soft wall, you can use the gray shovel for bricklayers.

5, the corner is often thick, the water is not easy to soak, it needs to be wet several times;

6, the conditions to protect the windows and doors, clean up later.

The above is the reason for shovel the wall skin, the detailed answer to the precautions of the shovel wall skin, I do not know if you are satisfied with the introduction of the decoration home network Xiaobian. If you want to know more about the exciting content, please continue to pay attention to our home encyclopedia!

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