The rural two-story building needs careful construction The rural house design is not inferior to the city

In the construction of new rural areas, it is nothing more than houses and industries that are changing. The introduction of industrial technology will make the economy develop more rapidly, and new housing will also allow rural areas to embark on a relatively comfortable life. Building houses in rural areas is now a very common phenomenon, but many people are puzzled about the relevant knowledge of the decoration of two-story buildings in rural areas . They do not know how to decorate the house more beautifully. The demand and style of rural people for house decoration is also getting higher and higher, and rural house decoration is getting closer to urbanization. Next, come with me to understand the relevant content of the rural two-story building decoration !

How to decorate rural buildings

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Tiles, wood, and oil are the “three brothers” in construction. The basic appearance principle is: Who is dirty and who is the first. Whether it is laying floors or tiles, it must be leveled, and kitchens must design floor drains. After finishing, the bricklayer left the field and the carpentry started. Do ceilings, pack doors, display cabinets, etc. After the paint is finished, the wall must be leveled several times before painting. Remember to clean up the garbage once you have done it, so that it will be convenient for later construction.

Install ware

Cabinets, ceiling installation, kitchen and bathroom installation include: moisture-proof ceiling lamps, exhaust fans, Yuba, etc., pay attention to height. After the ceiling is over, the cabinet door is installed. If it goes well, it can be completed in one day. At the same time there are sinks and gas stoves that can be installed together. Before you buy a good plumbing fitting, bathroom, toilet, drying rack and so on. After making good hardware and lighting fixtures, the family will "live".

How large is the size of rural buildings?

1. Standard family members: Couples, one child, parents, five in total. (Probably there are grandparents, and some may have two children. This article will not study this. The reason is that now people prefer to live in a small family. Most people do not live with grandparents, and parents and adults are not too If you want to, in spite of this, living in the countryside with your parents is still quite common, and this may be related to the economic foundation, because if the parents live separately, they will need to have another room. The two children are the minority. Based on the above analysis, the five families living in rural areas are more common.

2, the kitchen has used gas, there are also use of soil stoves, but a few.

3. Considering a car location, most people already have cars, which can double as other functions. For example, farmhouses or storage rooms are not too compact and are actually their own homes.

4. The floor of the ground floor has to be larger, and the farmer has a habit of doing wedding ceremonies at home.

5, two-story building.

With these assumptions, there is a foundation for the scale of rural housing.

The scale of reasonable space for each functional space in rural housing is as follows (size of wall axis):

a. The main bedroom 3.6*(4.5-4.8)=16.2

b. One child room 2.7*3.0=8.1

c. An old man's room 3.3*4.5=14.85

d. One room 3.3*3.0=9.9

e. 2-3 bathrooms (one on the ground floor, 1-2 on the top) (2.0*2.7)*(2-3)=10.8-16.2

f. A kitchen 2.1*3.3=6.93

g. One restaurant 3.6*3.6=12.96

h. A living room (floor room) 4.5*5.1=22.95

i. The second floor has a living room 3.0*3=9.0

j Storage room 2*2=4.0

k. Necessary indoor walkway traffic area 1.5*5=7.5

l. Balcony and ground floor outdoor corridor area 1.5*5.4=8.1

m. Car garage 3.3*5.7=18.81

n.Stairs 2.4*4.2=10.08

The above is the axial area of ​​the wall, subtotal: 165.58.

The floor space of the two floors is 165.58/2=82.79

Assuming that it is an area enclosed by a width of 10 meters and a length of 8.279 meters, half of the external wall occupation area is 0.12*(10+8.279)*2*2 layers=2.6

The total area above is: 165.58 + 2.6 = 168.18 square meters.

The total self-built housing area is 168.18m2, including: four bedrooms, three bathrooms, a car location, and a reasonable mix of functions. This kind of accommodation is quite comfortable. Compact space can be controlled in 160m2, space can be relaxed to 180m2. The above content is for reference only.

Rural two-story building decoration notes

First, it is recommended not to floor, at least not white. There was no habit of changing the shoes in the countryside. The floor tiles were dirty and there was no time to scan.

Second, on the first floor, there must be a combination cabinet north and south is a sofa. This is the traditional orientation.

Third, the second floor of the two too big, can be separated: 1, in the open two doors, completely separated in the middle; 2, in the middle with partitions, Lei wall, or large cabinet separated, not separated, become Suite, so that people can live inside and outside, pull a curtain on the line.

Fourth, on the kitchen, stove fire, there is a single room in the yard do not have to consider.

Fifth, personal advice in the yard to build a bath, summer bathing convenience.

6, toilets, to get a door, to a lamp.

Seventh, personal advice should not be fully cemented into the yard, summer is too hot, no plants. Seek seasonal vegetables and flowers and cool down under the trees.

Editor's summary: The above is the rural house design needs to be cautious about the rural two-story building decoration is not less than the city's inferior knowledge of the introduction, hoping to help meet the needs of friends! For more information, please continue to pay attention to our website , Follow-up will present more exciting content!

Rural two-story building decoration

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