Tile purchase six attention

A few days ago, a city environmental protection association detected that the home environment ceramic sanitary ware radiation exceeded the standard, "National pumping" extraction tile radioactive nuclides unqualified and other quality events, many consumers exclaimed "injury can not afford"! The tiles under the feet also have radiation? Is it harmful to human health? Is it inappropriate for children to tile? In the past few days, the reporter visited the Taowei market in the Chancheng area and interviewed professionals to see if there is any radiation in the tiles.

Citizen: Just look at the price and color

When the reporter asked Jinyitao ceramics shopping guides as consumers, she told reporters that the tiles are definitely qualified on the indicator of radionuclides. If consumers want to see them, they can produce test reports. “General customers only care about prices and discounts, and few people ask about the radiation of tiles.”

Since the exposure of Anxin’s “Poison Floor” incident, consumers have lost confidence in wood products, and Mr. Li, who prefers wood grain texture, intends to imitate wood grain tiles in the new home of Chancheng. When it is told that the tiles also have a certain amount of radioactivity, it appears Very helpless. “The children at home are less than two years old. What can I do?”

Ceramic sanitary ware radiation can not afford to buy six items of attention

Expert: Foshan products are basically up to standard

Director Pan of the Building Sanitary Ceramics and Sanitary Committee of Foshan Ceramics Industry Association said that he did not understand the production location of these ceramic sanitary ware products, but as far as he knows, Foshan Taowei products will not have such a high rate of radiation exceeding the standard. “If the home is laying large areas of natural stone such as rock and marble, the radiation dose will be higher.”

"The ceramic wares produced by regular manufacturers can basically meet the national standards in terms of radioactive dose rate. The radioactivity is very low, the amount of radiation is very small, and there is almost no harm to the human body." A senior engineer of the National Building Sanitary Ceramics Quality Supervision and Inspection Center said.

Consumer reminder:

1, go to the regular shopping mall to buy tiles

Consumers should go to the formal building materials market and brand companies to buy ceramic tiles. Master Lin suggested that when purchasing tiles, the manufacturer should be required to produce a product specification to check whether the radioactivity standard of the tile reaches Grade A, and does not buy products that are too low in price.

2, look at the certificate

Tiles used for indoor paving will be marked on the outer packaging: "Radioactivity level: A". Ma engineer reminded that if the product packaging has a green environmental protection mark, ISO14001 international environmental protection system certification, quality system certification mark, national inspection-free mark, etc. is better. In addition, polished tiles must have a National Compulsory Product Certification (referred to as 3C).

3, it is not recommended to lay a large area of ​​natural stone

In general, natural stone has higher radionuclide than ceramic tile. It is not recommended for large-area use and can be used for decoration in a small area.

4. It is not recommended to lay white and dark products on a large area.

The precipitation rate of radioactive element lanthanum on the surface of glazed tiles is higher than that of ordinary bricks. Lin Chifeng suggested that the home environment should not be used to lay dark tile products in large areas. Because these products contain more long-lived natural radioisotopes such as uranium, thorium, radium, and potassium, the amount of radiation is relatively large.

5, it is recommended to use matte products

Matte bricks are the best choice for indoors, especially for children's rooms. If paving polished tiles, avoid direct lighting of the brick surface, usually try to open small lights in the home, otherwise it is easy to cause light pollution due to light reflection. In addition, usually open windows to allow air to circulate.

6. Entrust an organization with CMA certification to test

If the consumer chooses to entrust the relevant institution to test the radiation dose rate of the product, the indoor environmental testing unit with CMA certification shall be selected for testing.

Finally, Master Lin also explained to reporters that some ultra-white polished ceramic tiles or sanitary ware products have added zirconium oxide or zirconium silicate. Zirconium silicate has higher radioactivity, but the glaze of general sanitary ware is about 0.7mm to 0.8mm. The zirconium silicate content is also very low.

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