Townhouse decoration design tips townhouse decoration considerations

With the continuous improvement of people's economic level, many people are more keen to buy those villa-type houses, where the townhouse is the first choice for many people, townhouses and the indoor area is larger, the building of the building in the villa structure requirements Layer decoration can be matched with each other, and the overall coordination needs to be considered when decorating. So what are the townhouse renovation design skills, townhouse decoration to pay attention to what it is, the following article to introduce it to everyone.

Townhouse decoration design skills: courtyard design

Usually townhouses have a very spacious courtyard, many people will plant a variety of plants in their own courtyard to decorate, in fact, we can also design some leisure facilities in their own courtyard, such as can be designed in the villa Swimming pools, tennis courts, etc., but the decoration of the courtyard needs to be determined according to the style of the villa's decoration, and cannot be too different.

Townhouse decoration design skills II: space division

The townhouses have more rooms, so we can't decorate them according to commercial housing. We can design those leisure rooms as functional rooms for recreation. For example, we can set up game rooms, study rooms, gyms, etc. in the villas. If you have a parking lot on the first floor, you need to properly handle the ventilation and drainage facilities.

Townhouse decoration design skills three: living room and floor treatment

The interior is the main activity area of ​​townhouses, and it is also the place that best embodies the entire villa decoration design style. Therefore, in the decoration design, the overall and local design of the living room needs to be coordinated. At the same time, the height of villas is generally higher than that of ordinary houses. We need to add some auxiliary techniques to make the whole living room look more ornate.

Townhouse decoration considerations

1, the location of water, electric tube

Before the water and electricity renovation of the villa, the water pipelines and heating pipelines need to be pressured in advance to check whether there is leakage and prevent unnecessary losses. At the same time, attention should be paid to the location of concealed water and electric pipelines, and the position of the circuit should be avoided when nailing something on the wall to prevent water leakage or leakage.

2, bathroom decoration

The frequency of use of the toilets of the townhouses is relatively high. Before the renovation, the market should be inspected and the bathroom products with excellent quality should be selected according to the style. Then, according to the size of the product, a place for the pipeline of the sanitary product is reserved, so as to avoid the rework phenomenon, and at the same time it is more favorable to the overall appearance.

Article Summary: The above is about the townhouse decoration design skills and notes related to the introduction, I hope everyone can provide some help in the renovation of the villa, let everyone understand how the townhouse should be renovated, I hope you can also design your own villa space It's very beautiful.

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