What are the advantages and disadvantages of solid wood composite doors?

Solid wood composite doors of various shapes, rich styles, different styles of decorative doors give consumers a wide selection of space. High-grade solid wood composite doors not only have the characteristics of smooth touch, soft color, but also very environmental protection, and are highly sought after by consumers. Here I will take everyone to understand what material is solid wood composite door .

What is solid wood composite door material - Introduction

The door core of the solid wood composite door is generally made of pine, fir or imported filling materials, and is laminated with a density board and solid wood veneer, and is made by high-temperature hot pressing and sealed with solid wood lines. General high-level solid wood composite door, its door core is mostly white pine, the surface is solid wood veneer. Due to the small density and light weight of the white pine, and the easier control of the moisture content, the weight of the finished door is lighter, and it is also less prone to deformation and cracking.

What is the material of solid wood composite doors?

Solid wood composite door advantages:

1. The technological structure of solid wood composite doors is more scientific, and the probability of door deformation and warpage is relatively reduced.

2, the factory production has a higher production precision, spray paint is not easy to release formaldehyde, benzene and other toxic gases.

3. The door of solid wood composite doors is heavier, with the effect of keeping warm and soundproof, and the finished products have strong impact resistance.

4. The appearance of the solid wood composite door is a concatenated chopped veneer, with clear and natural texture and a strong sense of beauty.

Solid wood composite door defects:

1, solid wood composite doors and solid wood doors are as easy to damage, and afraid of water.

2. Solid wood composite doors are more expensive than pure solid wood doors.

3, the quality of solid wood composite door manufacturers will vary, so the selection must be carefully understood.

Solid wood composite door what material - classification

A. According to the surface material points: mainly walnut, Sapele, Yingmu, teak, ash, ebony, pear, zebra, science and technology wood, Chinese fir and so on.

B. By function points: Main entrance doors, study doors, kitchen doors, corridor doors, hotel doors, etc.

C. According to the opening method: 1, slide door: horizontal sliding open, does not take up space. Mainly used for kitchen doors, bathroom doors, balcony doors. 2, hinge door: Turn to open, mainly used for entrance door, bedroom door, office door.

D. According to the form of the doorway: 1, flat door: the edge of the door is flat, due to the reasons for the lock to open, there must be 3mm gap between the door and the door frame. 2. T-type door: a new type of door imported from Europe. The edge of the door is a T-shaped mouth. The protruding part is pressed on the door cover. It is equipped with a sealing strip, which has a good effect of sealing and sound insulation.

What is the material of solid wood composite doors?

1, see, touch the fullness of the paint film, more will be read several times. The fullness of the paint film indicates that the paint is of good quality, has a good cohesive force, and has a good seal on the wood. At the same time, it shows that the painting process is relatively complete, and there will be no case of cutting corners;

2, to find the reflective angle of the facade, to see whether the surface of the paint film is smooth, orange peel phenomenon is obvious, with or without protruding fine particles. If yes, it indicates that the painting equipment of this factory is relatively simple, and at least there is no full-pressure and dust-free spray booth. This is an essential equipment for controlling the quality of the paint surface. If the orange peel phenomenon is more obvious, it indicates that the film baking process is not closed.

Editor's summary: The above is an introduction to what the solid wood composite door is and hopefully it will help those friends who need it! The wooden door is the first choice for home decoration, it looks style, taste, and can enhance the overall charm of the home!

What is the material of solid wood composite door?

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