What are the characteristics of European decoration style?

Nowadays people choose a style to decorate the house when they are decorating the house. At present, the more popular decoration styles are Nordic, simple, Japanese, European, etc. The European style decoration gives people a gorgeous and noble feeling. So it has been loved by many people. So European decoration style, which has several types of European-style decoration What are the characteristics of it, the following article will take you to understand the next bar.

What are the types of European style decoration?

1, European pastoral style

This type of style is mainly based on white. This style of furniture is usually made by handmade cloth. Then it is decorated with florals and stripes. Most of the furniture is made of pine wood and eucalyptus. Production and engraving, very particular about.

2, European classical style

The European classical style is mainly noble and gorgeous, and people look full of history and culture. The style is mainly based on dark shades to show the rich classical atmosphere. The interior decoration is best to use patterned paper, carpets, curtains, classical decorations, etc., in order to show the gorgeous atmosphere of European classical style. , Home, doors and other items are best painted white, so that the effect is even better.

3, European style simple decoration style

This style is full of this atmospheric, natural features. European-style simplicity is dominated by ivory-white tones, aided by other light tones. This style is very much in line with the aesthetic standards of people in the country. It is a type that many people choose, and European-style simplicity does not have too many rules at home. A relaxed, simple lifestyle.

What are the characteristics of European style decoration?

1, European style decoration in the home design has its own design concept, changing lines, in the choice of furniture and lighting have a certain European features, modern European style decoration is not only noble atmosphere, but also full of romance and comfort Sense, bring the user a warm and comfortable feeling through the perfect curve and design.

2. European style decoration is suitable for those houses with large area. If the space of the house is too small to display the atmosphere of European style, it will give the user a feeling of oppression and the talents with certain aesthetics will be able to grasp the European style. .

3, in the European style, the choice of furniture material is also very important, the best use of walnut, cherry or beech material, made with a line of aesthetic furniture, it can better demonstrate the European style that traditional, luxurious style characteristics.

The article is summarized: The above is about the European decoration style which several types and the European decoration style has the related characteristics what the relevant introduction, hopes to be able to give the decoration friend to provide a little help, the European style is full of romantic, gorgeous atmosphere, is in recent years Very popular decoration style. Like friends can learn more! If you want to know related information, please continue to pay attention to this site, more exciting so stay tuned!

European style decoration

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