What is the difference between tens of thousands of cabinets and thousands of cabinets. Teach you to pay attention to these 3 points, and choose a useful cabinet

When we go to custom cabinets, we are always hesitant to choose? Why do some businesses quote thousands of cabinets for the same area, and some tens of thousands of yuan? Looking at cabinets that look almost the same, why is the price difference so big! In fact, in addition to the brand premium, it is more that the materials used in the cabinets are different, which determines the different prices.

So which three materials are the cabinets mainly composed of? Mainly plates, countertops and hardware accessories. The following is an analysis for you how to choose these plates, what is the difference between them?

1. Cabinet board

There are blister board, baking varnish board, double decorative board, fireproof board, solid wood door board, stainless steel board, etc. They have their own advantages and are suitable for different styles of cabinet design.

The solid wood board and baking varnish board have high appearance, high-quality texture, easy to clean, strong and durable, especially the texture of the solid wood board is naturally beautiful, and it is especially high-end to use. Relatively speaking, these two kinds of boards are also expensive. It is recommended to use them for door panels. Other boards can be considered for cabinets.

Solid wood multi-layer boards and solid wood particle boards are also commonly used boards for cabinets. Now many low-cost cabinet packages use two types, which are cheap, but the texture is not as good as paint boards and solid wood boards. If the stainless steel plate is made of 304 stainless steel, it is very environmentally friendly, will not crack, do not worry about discoloration, and is easy to clean. But the appearance of stainless steel cabinets is not good enough.

Second, the cabinet countertop

Cabinet countertops include stainless steel, natural stone, artificial stone, rock slab and quartz stone. The advantages and disadvantages of each material are different. At present, the mainstream use of quartz stone on the market is more cost-effective, but you should pay attention to buying artificial stone. It is quartz stone, the price difference lies in the content of quartz stone and the process, the real quartz stone content is as high as 93%. And low-cost cabinets use more artificial stones.

Three, hardware accessories

High-quality hardware accessories will extend the service life of the cabinet, and poor hardware is prone to corrosion, rust and damage. Many cabinets look the same, but they are used differently and different hardware accessories will also affect them. The hardware accessories mainly include hinges, drawer slides, pull baskets, steel tools, faucets, basins, handles, damping, etc. If a complete set of hardware accessories are provided and medium materials are used, the hardware costs 2000 yuan. High-end brands: Blum, Hettich, grass, Häfele, Case BMW, Cooper, etc. are all big brands, and some hardware parts can be used 200,000 times.

Domestic brands: Hangao, Yajie, Huitailong, Dinggu, etc. are all good and cost-effective.

4. How to choose a good cost-effective product?

There are two main ways to calculate the cabinet price. You can tell whether the cabinet you choose is good enough by the price.

Method 1. The linear meter pricing method: the unit linear meter is 3 meters, if 2000 yuan / linear meter, the price of 3 linear meters is 6000 yuan. (1 Yanmi kitchen cabinets generally include wall cabinets, floor cabinets and countertops)

Method two, the cabinet pricing method: the price of the bottom cabinet + the price of the wall cabinet, and the price is calculated separately.

At present, Yanmi is still the main pricing method in the cabinet market. If you buy cabinets for less than 1,000 yuan per linear meter, the materials of the cabinets are relatively poor, so it is not recommended to buy them. If you buy a cabinet and quote a cabinet of several thousand yuan, it is impossible to use solid wood panels and high-end hardware. The unit price of solid wood panels and high-end hardware is not cheap, and the cost is generally more than 10,000 yuan.

The use of cheap cabinets must use low-cost materials. Some businesses pretend to use solid wood panels. It is very likely that the outside is solid wood veneer. The surface is pasted with 0.1mm to 1.0mm thick solid wood veneer. It is easy to separate and fall off after a long time of use. .

How long and how long the cabinet is used, it is recommended to buy good materials to be more secure. This is the difference between a few thousand and tens of thousands of cabinets

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