What is the style of modern decoration?

Speaking of the decoration style, surely everyone will not be unfamiliar with the modern and simple decoration style. It is a kind of home improvement style that many people choose. It is very affordable, without too many flashy decorations, then what are the characteristics of the modern and simple decoration style? How to match the colors of modern minimalist style, the following article to introduce it to everyone.

What is the characteristic of modern and simple decoration style?

The modern and minimalist style of decoration is advocating simple and stylish. If your house is not large, you don't need to buy those large-volume items to occupy the space. We need to buy the necessities according to our life needs, and it is better to buy it. How to take up space, it is best to fold, multi-purpose items.

What are the characteristics of modern minimalist decoration style II: Room characteristics

The interior space of the modern minimalist style is bright and open and very transparent. In the space design, the interior floor is not subject to the restriction of the weight wall. Walls and furniture are all simplified, as far as possible without extra complicated decoration. Any complicated design and parts with no practical value are better to be abandoned because it will not only increase the decoration cost, but also has no practical function, indoor home and the sun and the moon. Most of the products are based on straight lines, and glass metal is also used in large quantities.

What are the characteristics of modern minimalist decoration style III: furniture configuration features

The modern minimalist style of decoration in the furniture configuration, the main collection of white light series, the bright gloss can make the furniture more stylish feel, make people feel comfortable and beautiful. In terms of accessories, mainly black and white gray as the main color, with a simple shape design, perfect details, to create a stylish and beautiful interior space.

How to match modern minimalist style colors

1, hard color system

The color of the center is red, and the interior space is also made of red carpet. The curtains are printed with blue and white printed fabrics, which have a strong contrast with the red carpet. The color of the sofa is best used in black, and the furniture, walls, and ceiling are mainly white. You can avoid dazzling colors that produce strong contrast.

2, light color

The center's color is yellow, orange, and then the orange carpet is selected. On the curtains and bedspreads, a yellow-white printed cloth is used. The sofa and the ceiling are all in grey tones. Then a few pots of green plants are placed in the interior space to make the whole room. The space is full of cozy and light atmosphere.

The article concludes: The above is about the decoration style of modern and simple features and how to match the modern minimalist style of color related to the presentation, hoping to give everyone a touch of help in the decoration, modern and simple decoration style, simple and clear and full of fashion sense, focus on space The use of this is very suitable for the decoration of small houses.


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