Which is the red sandalwood and lobular rosewood? Summary of senior collectors' dry goods

Nowadays, red sandalwood is very popular among you. Among them, red sandalwood and small leaf red sandalwood are very popular among people. Because many people ask Xiaodan red sandalwood and small leaf red sandalwood which is expensive , how to distinguish red sandalwood and small leaf red sandalwood, today Xiaobian to talk about red sandalwood and leaflet Rosewood, let's see it together.

Red sandalwood is mainly divided into large leaf red sandalwood and small leaf red sandalwood; large leaf red sandalwood: rosewood, large leaf sandalwood texture is thicker, color purple brown, brown grain is wider, vein pattern is thick and straight. After polishing, there are obvious vascular brown eyes. Lobular rosewood: rosewood, commonly known as small leaf sandalwood; small leaf sandalwood grain is not obvious, the color is orange red at first, long dark purple paint, almost no annual ring pattern. The vascular pattern is extremely thin and has a skein-like shape such as a cow's hair.

The lobular rosewood is a giant, and it was called the king's wood in ancient times. We all know that China is actually a country that advocates wood structure, and many people have a special feeling about wood materials. According to historical records, in ancient China, lobular rosewood was grown. It was only later that it was cut down, so the current lobular rosewood is imported from India.

The lobular rosewood has been made for 800 years and the growth environment is very bad. And, ten sandal nine air, a lot of cracks. The lobular rosewood we have seen is actually only the heartwood of the lobular rosewood, and a large part of the white skin can not be used outside.

Compared with the real lobular rosewood, the texture of the large-leaf red sandalwood is thicker, the strip-shaped stripe on the string cut surface is obvious and wide, and the bovine hairs formed by the tube holes are long, straight, thick and numerous, which means that the wood is rougher than the rosewood, on the market. The price is only a quarter of the lobular rosewood.

So everyone should understand which one is more expensive, but whether it is big leaf rosewood and lobular rosewood, as long as the workmanship is exquisite, the price will not be very cheap, we have to have a normal heart to look at them.

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Source: GO Jiaju

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