Yipin Haishu elaborately tells you about oil wax

A product of Begonia specializes in the interpretation of oil wax skin. It is a special skin effect produced by grinding, oiling, and waxing the first layer of leather. It is a fashion leather craft with antique artistic effects, and is also a major world brand. The preferred leather material .

In recent years, oil wax skin has been popular, especially the European and American furniture, and it has become the darling of the market furniture market. However, how much do you know about it? Today, we will walk into the “previous life” of oil wax skin to understand the oil wax skin.

Oil wax leather is a kind of leather leather craft, and the ordinary leather has a big difference, is the darling of high-end furniture leather. Oil wax is a special skin effect formed by grinding, oiling, and waxing the first layer of leather. It is a fashion leather craft with antique artistic effects, and is also the preferred leather material for major world brands.
A product of Haipin Furniture Co., Ltd. believes that its water absorption and oil absorption are strong, and that after sticking to water and oil, the leather color will become darker. In fact, these characteristics of oil wax skin, it gives people a sense of nostalgia and vicissitudes. The glossy surface effect of the oil wax skin is as if a layer of oil wax is rubbed into the surface of the leather material. If the leather material is folded or rubbed, the blending of the face color and the background color will be seen.

Oil wax leather has good permeability, which is different from the thick coating on the cheap leather surface to hide leather defects. The sofa is made of high-quality wax leather and is also a fine wax-covered leather. Generally, high-quality ranch leather is used to ensure that the leather is smooth, soft and elastic.

Oil wax leather furniture is known for its exquisite workmanship and nostalgia. The first layer of leather treated with a special process has been processed by grinding, oiling and waxing to form a special glossy skin effect. . This is a kind of fashionable craft leather with antique artistic effect, and it is also the first choice for the world's top brands.

In general, a kind of furniture and American classical furniture are commonly used in such areas as the sofa contact surface, bed backrest, and the like. Wax skin has strong water absorption and oil absorption. After sticking to water and oil, the skin color will become darker. This is the most remarkable feature of oil wax furniture: as time settles, the gloss of sofas and leather beds becomes higher and higher with the natural release of moisture and grease from the human body. A sense of nostalgia and vicissitudes.

American oil wax leather sofa quality is relatively good, very smooth, comfortable, is a better kind of skin, with a king style. This kind of leather is more absorbent, and the color will change after absorbing water. Also do not touch the oil, and you will have an imprint on the oil. In short, oil wax skin belongs to discolored cortex. When it encounters water or oil, discoloration of the material occurs. Therefore, please pay attention to protect her in normal use. Pay attention to moisture-proof, waterproof and anti-oil stains. If it is slightly scratched, gently wipe it with a soft cloth. , you can smooth the scratches.

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