How to change the anti-theft door lock core anti-theft door lock core level to explain

Today, anti-theft doors can be said to have become a guardian messenger in the family now, but to know that the most important parts of the security door is the lock cylinder, if the quality is off but it will affect the use of security doors. The following Xiao Bian will tell you about how to change the security door lock core and anti-theft door lock core level to explain.

How to change the anti-theft door lock core

1. First, you need to find the position of the screw hole of the lock cylinder to unscrew the lock screw.

2. Slowly rotate the key, and at a certain position, that is, when the fork is in the lock cylinder groove, the entire lock cylinder can be pulled out from the lock body.

3. At this time, measure the size of the current cylinder.

The common lock cylinder, that is, the diameter of the round head is 17mm, the width of the small head portion is 10mm, and the height is 33mm.

If your cylinder specification is the same, then determine what the length of L1 and L2 is.

When replacing the anti-theft door lock cylinder, replace the lock cylinder and tighten the lock cylinder screw. Then install the inner handle and the outer handle. There are two screw eyes on the pull handle in the room.

Anti-theft door lock core level distinction

1, than the thickness

The thickness of the steel plate determines the impact resistance.

The thickness of the door frame cold-rolled steel plate: A, B, B, and D are 2 mm, 2-1.8 mm, 1.8-1.5 mm, and 1.5 mm, respectively.

Thickness of door leaf outer panel: Grades A, B, and B are 1 mm, 1 mm, 0.8 mm and 0.8 mm, respectively. Thickness of the inner panel of the door leaf: Grades A, B, and B were 1 mm, 1-0.8 mm, 0.8 mm and 0.6 mm, respectively.

2, than the filler

The State requires that the worst security door should be filled with honeycomb paper. The grade A door is different according to the brand. For example, some are aluminum silicate wool (fireproof cotton), some are aviation honeycomb aluminum, and others are Aluminum foil. Class A security doors are usually made of aluminum silicate wool and aluminum foil. Aluminum silicate rock wool has good insulation, fireproof and sound insulation properties. Aluminum foil is light weight, corrosion resistant, non-toxic and tasteless, with good thermal conductivity, heat resistance and Low temperature resistance. Under normal circumstances, grade B anti-theft door is selected rock wool and polyurethane foam. The advantage of rock wool is that it has good flame retardancy and is a poor conductor of heat. Polyurethane foam is filled with no gaps and the adhesive is strong after curing. Shock resistance, no cracking after curing, no corrosion, no shedding, ultra-low temperature thermal conductivity, heat-resistant.

3, than the lock

Anti-theft lock is the most important part of the door, and the performance of the anti-theft lock is directly related to the security of the door. The anti-theft door produced by regular manufacturers, you can look at the top-left corner of its door will have a "social grade imprint" of the gravure printing. Class A anti-theft door locks with anti-theft level B, that is, advanced protection level; and B, C, D-class anti-theft door, the anti-theft door lock core anti-theft level A, that is, ordinary protection level.

Summary: On how to change the anti-theft door lock cylinder and anti-theft door lock cylinder level to explain the relevant content to introduce this, when your home's anti-theft door lock core is broken, it must be replaced in time, or else it will not protect It is hoped that the above introduction will help everyone.

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