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There are a lot of stairs in the family right in the center of the room. Even if it is not in the center, the stairs as a passage connecting the upper and lower floors should be a place that cannot be ignored in the home decoration.

First, the home decoration staircase materials vary in different decoration styles

Common home decoration stairs are generally wooden treads and wooden or wrought iron handrails. The use of wrought iron or cast iron originates from ancient European countries, so it may be more suitable for home decoration for European style home environment, but we will see that many people At home, whether it is placed with Chinese classical furniture or modern sleek design style, all use iron wrought iron to decorate the stairs, which is contrary to the principle of harmonization of interior decoration design.

In fact, there are many materials that can be used to decorate the stairs, such as steel, stone, glass, rope, fabric, carpet, etc. Combine these decoration materials properly and match the whole family decoration style, there will be a good decoration effect.

1, wood. Wood is widely used in home decoration staircases. The wooden floors sold on the market can be used as paving boards directly, and the handrails can also be selected from the corresponding wood. The characteristics of wood are natural, soft and warm, and wood is generally used in the home.

2, steel. The steel material staircase is more common in the homes of some more modern young people and artists. The coolness of the steel and the color of the material itself are very modern.

3, glass. The transparency of the glass itself is more remarkable when used as a staircase decoration. Now there are sprayed glass and inlaid glass on the market, which can be used in the stair railing. The more wonderful use is to make the stair steps hollow, with built-in lamps, and special glass to be used as a stepping board. Stairs.

Second, the family decoration stairs materials should be carefully considered

At the same time, depending on the style of home decoration, the materials for the decoration and the construction of the stairs are also important. It is necessary to consider whether there are elderly people and children in the family. Under normal circumstances, families with old people and children, it is best to avoid the use of steel and wrought iron, stair steps do not have to be too high, stair handrails are best made into a circular arc shape, do not have too sharp edges and corners. Wooden floor and carpeting are available for stair treads.

Third, the transformation of small-area living room stairs

In the small living room, the stairs are oppressive and heavy. Some designers in the decoration industry advocate the use of structural expressions to conceive. The main features are the stair steps to reduce the space pressure. To achieve the perfect combination of spatial structure.

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