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What are the better decoration companies in Shanghai ? Decoration is a major event for any decoration owner. In particular, the owners living in Shanghai, due to the very high work pressure on weekdays, basically do not like to allocate the remaining time and energy to the decoration company. This is actually a normal thing, and it is precisely because of this. There are more and more decoration companies in Shanghai, but the owners in Shanghai need to know that a bad decoration company can not only help owners solve problems, but also create more problems for owners. If you have any doubt about what better-suited companies in Shanghai are, why not check them out with me?

What are the better decoration companies in Shanghai (in no particular order, for reference only)

Shanghai better decoration company recommended 1, Shanghai Longxiang Building Decoration Design Co., Ltd.

On March 18, 2003, Longxiang was founded on the banks of the Huangpu River and became the exclusive agency for interior decoration in Shanghai. As of the end of December 2012, the number of owners of Longxiang Services reached 2,000, leading the industry in Shanghai.

Shanghai better decoration company 2, real home decoration Group Shanghai Decoration Co., Ltd.

The predecessor of the company was Beijing Shichuang Decoration Co., Ltd., established in 1997. It is a residential hardcover designing and construction service organization with national qualifications and business scope involving home decoration, tooling, and furniture production and sales.

Shanghai better decoration company 3, Shanghai Tongji Home Decoration Engineering Co., Ltd.

The brand originated from Tongji University and was founded in 1996 by the former Tongji University-run enterprise Shanghai Tongji United Construction Development Co., Ltd., which is a well-known home improvement chain brand for residential decoration.

Shanghai better decoration company 4, Shanghai Jule Construction & Decoration Co., Ltd.

Founded in 1999, it is a well-known enterprise in China's residential decoration industry, a top 100 enterprise in China's residential decoration industry, a AAA-grade credit enterprise in China's residential decoration industry, a five-star enterprise in Shanghai's decoration and decoration specification service, an excellent decoration design enterprise in Shanghai, and a national architecture. It is a national registered trademark for the decoration of secondary qualified enterprises and interior decoration qualified enterprises. It has passed ISO9001:2000 international quality management system certification.

Shanghai better decoration company 5, Shanghai Xianglei Decoration Co., Ltd.

As a professional decoration company, the company has always regarded quality as the top priority of the company. Designers are university graduates of architecture, fine arts, architectural decoration, and environmental art design. They have a high level of professional design.

Shanghai better decoration company 6, Shanghai Hao Le Architectural Decoration Design Engineering Co., Ltd.

Shanghai Decoration and Decoration Industry Association, a member of the company, has two grades of building decoration enterprise qualification certificate, decoration industry construction qualification certificate and interior design qualification certificate, won the decoration decoration industry standard service compliance enterprise title, 2007 trustworthy family decoration enterprise, 2009 Shanghai Top ten decoration companies and advanced enterprises and a series of honorary titles.

Shanghai better decoration company 7, Shanghai Hengheng Architectural Planning and Design Co., Ltd.

Formerly known as Longhua Studio, it was established and operated by Xingpaidetangtang at 13:30, 2013-1-1. After more than a year of polishing, it was formally established on 2014-05-15 through the industrial and commercial audit.

Shanghai better decoration company 8, Shanghai Xinglin Decoration Engineering Co., Ltd.

The company specializes in decoration companies for houses, villas and office buildings. It is committed to providing customers with the most humanized design, the most exquisite construction, and the most nuanced services. The company has accumulated experience and has been adhering to the "innovation, development, and "Integrity, truth-seeking" service concept.

Shanghai better decoration company 9, Shanghai Maohua Decoration Co., Ltd.

Founded in 2003, the company is certified by the Shanghai Decoration Industry Association and is a company that has a decoration qualification certificate. After years of development, with its unique design + rigorous construction + perfect management + sound service system, it has become a brand enterprise in the industry.

Shanghai better decoration company 10, Shanghai Yu Lan Decoration Engineering Co., Ltd.

The company is a professional modern decoration company. Focus on home improvement for 20 years and have a good reputation in the industry. From 1992 to 2013, we built nearly a thousand sets of home furnishings in Shanghai and received unanimous approval from customers.

Editor's summary: The above is the Shanghai good decoration company recommended selection of a good decoration company decoration only relevant knowledge of the protection, hope to help meet the needs of the friends! These company reputation is very good, looking for decoration company Friends can come to know the details.

Shanghai better decoration company

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