Machine tool manufacturers face the wave of user industry upgrades

The wave of upgrades in the user industry is obvious to China's machine tool market, and this trend will be the mainstream in the next few years. However, if machine tool manufacturers want to take these "porcelain activities", they must have "diamonds". To this end, aiming at the development trend of the user industry, we are constantly introducing new specifications, new varieties of products and application solutions, which is the wise choice for “opening the land” in the fierce competition.

Machine tool user industry performance is eye-catching
What is the development trend of China's machine tool market in 2010 and in the next few years? This is undoubtedly a problem that the industry has paid special attention to this year. In this regard, recently in some public occasions and interviews with the media, Zhou Guodu, general manager of China National Machine Tool Corporation Beijing National Machine Exhibition Center, said that in order to more accurately grasp the future trend, an important foothold is to examine the upgrade of various user industries. Whether the development is strong.

According to Mr. Zhou’s analysis, the aerospace industry, which has the most demanding requirements for machine tools and equipment, has always been a high-end customer of machine tools. The industry has undoubtedly experienced an impressive upgrade in recent years in China, which is high-speed, high-precision and composite. There are rigid requirements for key manufacturing equipment such as CNC machine tools and five-axis machining centers.

Looking at the power industry, China will implement a diversified energy supply strategy to include high-efficiency, high-speed, clean energy (such as nuclear power, wind energy) as a key development target. This will inevitably lead to a large demand for high-reliability, large-size, high-strength CNC machine tools, including various super-heavy-duty CNC machine tools and special machines, as well as five-axis CNC machine tools and compound machining machines. It is foreseeable that the structural adjustment and technological progress of the energy industry are expected to drastically promote the technological upgrading of domestic processing equipment.

The aspect of urban rail transit is also very eye-catching. According to the first batch of urban rail transit project plans approved by the State Council, the planned length to 2015 is 2400km, and the investment scale is nearly 700 billion yuan. The main equipment required in the field of railroad equipment manufacturing is large milling machines, grinding machines, heavy-duty machine tools and so on.

According to the statistics of China Machine Tool Industry Association, in the first quarter of this year, China's machine tool industry accumulated a total industrial production value of 103.74 billion yuan, an increase of 42.1%; product sales value reached 101.06 billion yuan, an increase of 42.8%; product sales rate reached 97.4 %, a year-on-year increase of 0.4%.

The growth in user demand in the Chinese market has prompted some powerful machine tool manufacturers to expand production and increase their 2010 sales targets.

Taking innovative technology as a breakthrough point, machine tool manufacturers seize market commanding heights
At the 10th China International Machine Tool Show, exhibitors at home and abroad will display a total of more than 1200 machine tool mainframes and tens of thousands of cutting tools, CNC system functional components and other products, in which the CNC rate of the host products has reached 80% higher. Level. Looking at the exhibits that are unveiled at this year's show, technological innovation is ubiquitous. For example, from the perspective of bed structure design, there are many points to be noted.

DMG will present the DMC 1035 V eco vertical machining center, which can be machined on a solid C-Frame cast iron structure with an X-axis on a table. This construction ensures that the equipment meets the extremely high rigidity requirements and ultimately lays the foundation for high precision in efficient milling. The TB-25YB turning and milling compound center of Suzhou Dongpu Precision Machinery Co., Ltd. will be unveiled at CIMES 2010. The bottom bed structure of the equipment is a one-line type, the main shaft and the sub-spindle are fixed on the bottom bed, and the change of the machine is small; The X-axis slide table design, combined with the large-capacity cutting water system, also ensures good chip removal. Baoli and Baohui Machinery will participate in the ROKU-ROKU high-speed graphite processing center HC658. The gantry and base are made of one piece of casting. It can effectively reduce the vibration of the machine during high-speed machining.

According to the Beijing Electric Processing Research Institute, the N850 five-axis linkage precision CNC EDM machine tool exhibited by the company is especially suitable for the forming of sophisticated components such as aviation and aerospace. These parts include: jet engine turbine disks, turbines, etc.; and special materials such as aluminum alloys, titanium alloys, heat resistant alloys, low expansion alloys and alloy structural steels. According to reports, this EDM machine can realize the process requirements of special shape processing such as narrow groove, narrow slit, deep cavity, shaped blind hole and lateral cavity blind hole. It can perform five-axis five-link precision machining and reserve a sixth-axis CNC interface to meet future expansion needs.

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